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Roland Park Presbyterian Church Associate Member Exhibit

March 21 - May 5, 2023

Roland Park Presbyterian Church
4801 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21210

Juror: John Sills

Slide show of award winners

First Place: "Field of Tulips" by Alison Korn
Third Place: "Water Lilies" by Connie Ennis
Honorable Mention: "Canna Lilly" by Alice Parks
Honorable Mention: "Into the Woods" by Janet Freeman
Honorable Mention: "Uyghur Livestock Market" by Shelley Von Hagen-Jamar

Comments From Our Juror, John Sills

When I look at paintings the first thing I tend to notice is does it project into space. The first thing I do is look at all the paintings from a distance. I want the painting to be visually interesting from a distance. Next, I look for an interesting design, does the piece stimulate me visually. Lastly, I like a sophisticated use of color. Color has the power to stimulate emotions. How is it used? The last thing I consider is subject matter, this is the least important part of a painting to me.

1st Place
Alison Korn
"Field of Tulips"
I really liked the design; it was simple and strong. I enjoyed the clarity and richness of the washes; they were not overworked. The drawing is wonderful, a graphic style with a sense of life and vitality.

2nd Place
Betty Myers
"NOLA Trumpter"
A beautifully rendered figure in which you can feel the weight of the man while he is leaning. The abstract design is simple and strong, and the use of color creates a forceful pattern which effectively holds the viewer's eye.

3rd Place
Connie Ennis
"Water Lilies"
I was drawn to the beautiful combinations of colors dominated by rich greens and blues. The triangular design of the lily blossoms is very effective. I enjoyed the clear sense of light enveloping the scene.

Honorable Mention
Alice Parks
"Canna Lilly"
Very strong design that projects well in space. The drawing of the lily was impeccable, and the rich use of color gave a wonderful sense of drama.

Honorable Mention
Janet Freeman
"Into the Woods"
A lovely whimsical painting with a nice graphic design. It has an interesting combination of techniques; I particularly like the splashes of white. I enjoyed the bold design of the trees in contrast to the understated path.

Honorable Mention
Shelley Von Hagen-Jamar
"Uyghur Livestock Market"
Has a wonderful sense of light on the figure of the old man; the other figure was not too rendered so it did not conflict with the main figure. The horse was kept simple so it acted as an excellent supporting shape to the main figure. The background was well designed, simple yet interesting.


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Individual images of the award winners

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