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The Baltimore Watercolor Society was established in 1885 and is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization. Our mission is to encourage, educate, and promote professional excellence in the creation and development of original works of art, executed in aqueous media. We offer our members many opportunities to exhibit their work and develop professionally.

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BWS Associate, Student, and Signature Artist Member Exhibition at Manor Mill Gallery

August 3, 2024 - September 15, 2024
2029 Monkton Rd. Monkton, MD. 21111
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 3, 4-7PM

Two Sets of Awards will be presented.

  • One Set to Celebrate Our Exhibiting Associates and Students
  • One Set for the Signature/Life Members!

Registration Information

Registration fee: $20.00

Registration closes on July 10, 2024 or when the exhibit is full, whichever comes first.

LUIS PÉREZ's Two-Day Workshop with BWS in September is FULL

but you can still learn from Luis during this 1-Day workshop at Manor Mill

Ying/Yang Approach to Watercolor with Luis Pérez

Hosted by BWS and Manor Mill
Sunday, August 11th from 12 - 5PM

Manor Mill
2029 Monkton Road
Monkton, MD - 21111

Phone: (410) 842-5590

Register at Manor Mill for 
Ying/Yang Approach to Watercolor with artist Luis Perez

Image: "Privileged Foods 4" by Luis Perez

Kentlands Mansion

2024 Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition

October 11, 2024 through January 5, 2025

Arts Barn and Kentlands Mansion Galleries
311 and 320 Kent Square Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Judge of Selection and Awards

Russell Jewell

Learn More

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2023 Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition Entries

Below is a slide show of all the entries from the 2023 exhibition.
See the Paintings and Award Winners in the 2023 Baltimore Watercolor Society Regional Mid-Atlantic Exhibition

Copyright Statement - All images are the property of the artists and protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist.

Janet Belich AWS, TWSA, NWS, BWS-WME, PWS CORNCENTRIC 30 x 22 (Transparent Watercolor) $3,000
Sara Azzam BWS AGING GRACEFULLY 23 x 17 (Watercolor) $1,850
Sarah Andrews *AWARD WINNER STANDING ROOM ONLY 11 x 14 (Watercolor and Acrylic on Yupo) $750
MaryLou Andrews BWS, WAS-H Elite Signature, VWS CEBULSKI'S DECOY 18 x 22 (Watercolor) $1,800
Mary Cannell Andrews PECKING ORDER 14 x 11 (Transparent Watercolor on Acrylic Pour) $350
Candy Aaron BWS FRESH FRUIT 18 x 24 (Watercolor) $3,000
Deborah Cohan BWS-WME *AWARD WINNER THAT'S USING YOUR...SHUTTERS 19 x 11 (Watercolor) $750
Connie Clutter BWS, PWS, GWS, LWS, NWWS, NEWS KAHDIJA 13 x 17 (Watercolor) $1,100
Lizabeth Castellano-King BWS, VWS SHORE BREAKER 11 x 28 (Varnished Watercolor) $2,862
Leslie Carson WILD, WONDERFUL WISTERIA 14 x 11 (Watercolor on Yupo) $1,000
Marshall Carolus BWS, PVW SAUCE ON THE SIDE 20 x 20 (Watercolor) $700
Gwendolyn Bragg NWS, BWS-WME, SW, WSA, VWS WHITE SOCKS - YELLOWSTONE 19 x 25 (Transparent Watercolor on Torchon Paper) $1,300
Myhanh Bosse BWS-WM *AWARD WINNER FOREVER EVORA 19 x 13 (Watercolor) $500
Matthew Bird BWS-WM APOTHECARY SHELF 18 x 29 (Watercolor) $5,200
Joyce Bell BWS HOPEFUL JOURNEY AHEAD 18 x 24 (Watercolor) $1,200
Kathy Daywalt BWS-WM OF TWO MINDS 14 x 18 (Watercolor on Yupo) $1,200
Z Feng AWS-DF, NWS-M WINTER MORNING 18 x 24 (Watercolor) $1,000
David Eakin BWS-WM, VWS, SW *AWARD WINNER THE EYES HAVE IT 14 x 17 (Mixed Water Media) $950
Yogini Dahiwadkar BWS WARMTH IN THE COLD 16 x 12 (Watercolor) $1,200
Carolyn Councell BWS-WME, MPSGS *AWARD WINNER MYSTICAL MOMENT 16 x 20 (Watercolor / Collage) $1,200
Anne Cordes BWS, PVW ONE OF THOSE DAYS 27 x 20 (Watercolor) $1,500
Deborah Conn BWS-WME, NWWS, VWS, PVW *AWARD WINNER UNHOUSED: MARY SUE 27 x 22 (Watercolor) $3,000
Cheryl Coniglio BWS, PWCS, GSWS PARKED 23 x 17 (Watercolor) $3,000
Rachel Collins NWS, TWSA, BWS-WME, WHS, RMNW, SW COOL DAY IN KASHA-KETUWE CANYON 29 x 18 (Watercolor) $2,400
DiAnn Grimes BWS-WM CHICKENFEED 14 x 23 (Watercolor) $350
Judith Gray BWS FLAMENCO DANCE 14 x 10 (Watercolor) $500
Jean Gill AWS, NWS, BWS-WME, PWCS(Crest Medal), PWS-sgg, WCWS(Master) GLOCONUTS 30 x 22 (Transparent Watercolor) $3,500
Rosemary Gemp BERRY PICKING 16 x 20 (Watercolor) $400
David Gardner PLAZA MAYOR IN MADRID 16 x 20 (Watercolor) $1,000
Jerry Gadd BWS-WME, PWS WINTER SNOW 12 x 14 (Watercolor) $175
Gloria Tseng Fischer BWS COFFEE IN ZIMBABWE 12 x 16 (Watercolor on Hot Press Paper) $1,200
Charlie Frances VWS THE SELECTION COMMITTEE 25 x 26 (Watercolor) $900
Constance Fisher BWS, VWS BLUE FUSION 15 x 11 (Watercolor and Acrylic) $600
Matthew Fenton BWS GRITTY CITY 22 x 30 (Watercolor) $1,725
Chris Duke BWS, VWS *AWARD WINNER FEININGER SOUL 29 x 22 (Watercolor) $10,000
Yolanda Koh BWS-WM, PVW DUBROVNIK ROOFTOPS 30 x 22 (Watercolor) $980
Judy Jones-Wisniewski BWS UNRAVELED 16 x 20 (Watercolor) $1,800
Shirley Jenkins BWS-WME NEXT STOP 13 x 12 (Watercolor) $1,000
Nishita Jain BWS, PWCS A GLACIAL CIRQUE IN LAHAUL 14 x 18 (Watercolor) $1,400
William Jaeger BWS-WME, NWWS, VWS, PVW *AWARD WINNER FRIENDS IN GLASS PLACES 20 x 14 (Watercolor) $1,500
Juliya Ivanilova BWS, PVW INSPIRATION 21 x 14 (Watercolor) $1,300
Catherine Hillis BWS-WME, VWS, SW, SDWS, LPAPA, PWS TOP O' THE TOWN 29 x 21 (Watercolor) $1,800
Kristin Herzog BWS, SW, GWS *AWARD WINNER SWING I 22 x 30 (Acrylic and Watercolor on Paper) $1,500
Janice Hendra BWS PIER NO MORE 26 x 20 (Watercolor and Gouache) $950
Mimi Hegler BWS-WME OH LEMON TREE 21 x 16 (Watercolor) $1,000
Nancy Hannans BWS, VWS DEEP DREAMS 12 x 17 (Acrylic) $1,400
Charlotte Mehosky BWS-WM, PWS, PWCS LEAN ON ME 11 x 14 (Watercolor) $800
Deborah McFarlin BWS, AWS, AWA, PWS *AWARD WINNER ON THE QUI VIVE 21 x 27 (Watercolor) $1,750
Anni Matsick BWS, PWS, PWSA, WHS DAYDREAMIN' 15 x 12 (Watercolor) $1,600
Janet Hansen Martinet BWS, VWS, PVW RHODODENDRON 'HOTSPUR' 15 x 19 (Watercolor) $1,200
Stacy Lund Levy BWS-WM, AWS, AWA, PWS ORDER UP! 22 x 30 (Watercolor) $3,200
Laura Lin FLIGHT 14 x 10 (Watercolor) $1,500
Angela Lacy BWS-WM, PWS, MoWS, PVW *AWARD WINNER CATCHING THE LIGHT 19 x 14 (Watercolor) $900
Jim Kuhlman BWS-WM, MPSGS A FAN OF BERMUDA 17 x 22 (Watercolor) $1,700
Rick Kowalewski BWS, PWCS, SCWS *AWARD WINNER MYSTIC DRAW 14 x 22 (Watercolor) $1,550
Michael Kotarba BWS-WME, NWWS, VWS, PVW MEADOW HOUSE 16 x 20 (Watercolor) $1,250
Dorrie Rifkin TWSA, BWS-WM, NEWS, PWSC, NJWCS RAZZAMATAZZ - BIRDLAND, NYC 20 x 15 (Watercolor) $750
Michele Rea NWS, BWS-WME *AWARD WINNER FOLLOWING THE LIGHT 14 x 27 (Watercolor) $1,200
JoAnne Ramsey BWS-WM, PVW SWEETPEAS 21 x 14 (Watercolor) $800
Deidre Pistochini LION OF ST. MARK 20 x 25 (Watercolor) $1,200
Jill Poyerd BWS, NWS FIRST LIGHT 20 x 26 (Watercolor) $2,500
Luis Pérez BWS LARGE STUMP 30 x 41 (Watercolor) $5,450
Beverly Perdue BWS-WM, AWS, TWSA, VWS, PWS *AWARD WINNER GEORGE'S MEMORIES 24 x 26 (Watercolor Mixed Media) $4,000
Maria Payer BWS, NJWCS, PWCS THE FISHMONGER 21 x 14 (Watercolor) $900
Karen Norman NWS, BWS-WM, PWS MY FATHER'S KEY 30 x 22 (Watercolor) $3,700
Eric Miller BWS, PWS PANIC ATTACK 12 x 12 (Watercolor) $895
Maria Sola-Símon MI RINCONCITO EN D.C. (MY LITTLE CORNER IN D.C.) 12 x 11 (Watercolors) $1,000
DeEtta Silvestro AWS, BWS, PWS, PWCS, NEWS, WAS-H GLASS REFLECTIONS 24 x 29 (Watercolor) $800
Linda Slattery Sherman ISEA, BWS-WME, PVW *AWARD WINNER JUST A STARLING, NOT A GANGSTER 19 x 26 (Acrylic Collage) $850
Karen Schuster BWS SUNFLOWER SEASON 13 x 16 (Watercolor) $895
Marietta Schreiber BWS SEARCHING 21 x 16 (Watercolor) $695
Jim Sandford BWS DEBATE EN TRINIDAD 29 x 22 (Watercolor) $1,200
Julia Rosenbaum BWS *AWARD WINNER DREAMY 10 x 10 (Watercolor) $500
Jane Thomas BWS-WM, PVW *AWARD WINNER BORED 10 x 14 (Watercolor) $400
Joan Tarbell-Plato ISEA, BWS A WORLD OF TULIPS 29 x 26 (Liquid Acrylic and Watercolor Pencil) $1,200
Robert Talbert BWS C&O CANAL MONACACY AQUEDUCT 11 x 24 (Watercolor) $750
Jeannine Swartz NWS, BWS-WME, PWS, PWCS, PWSA DAISIES IN BLUE MASON JAR 29 x 21 (Fluid Acrylic on Paper) $3,200
Katherine Sullivan BWS-WM, VWS ROOT OF THE MATTER 24 x 29 (Watercolor) $950
Susan Stuller NWS, TWSA-M, BWS-WME *AWARD WINNER A MAGICAL MOMENT 21 x 29 (Watercolor) $3,000
E Jane Stoddard NWS, TWSA-MA, BWS-WME *AWARD WINNER ILLUMINATION II 24 x 17 (Watercolor) $2,200
Nancy Stark AWS, NWS, BWS-WME, RMNW, SW, VWS *AWARD WINNER RAQUETTE LAKE LINE 29 x 18 (Acrylic) $2,500
Frank Spino AWS, NWS, TWSA, FWS CALAMONDINS & GLASS GIGANTIC 29 x 41 (Watercolor) $6,500
Harold Zabady BWS BROADWAY & BLEECKER 14 x 22 (Watercolor) $1,500
Sandy Yagel BWS, PVW THE COMPOSER 14 x 10 (Watercolor) $550
Bruce Woodward BWS *AWARD WINNER SYCAMORE MOON 11 x 30 (Watercolor) $1,860
Fran Wood BWS MORNING AT THE MET 13 x 10 (Watercolor) $375
Lois Wolford NWS, BWS-WME, PWCS MORNING ROUTINE 22 x 30 (Watercolor) $2,000
Pam Wenger BWS-WM *AWARD WINNER GAIA 17 x 19 (Watercolor) $2,000
Frank Wengen BWS, PWS, PWCS TANGLED 20 x 31 (Watercolor) $2,397
Karen Tylec BWS-WME, NAWA, PVW AT THE PIAZZA NAVONA 36 x 12 (Watercolor and Ink) $1,900
Jeffrey Turner BWS THE FIDDLER 14 x 11 (Watercolor) $350
Carmella Tuliszewski NWS, WHS, AWA, PWCS, PWS SHADOW DANCE 22 x 17 (Watercolor) $1,500
Alexandra Treadaway-Hoare LIFECYCLE AT A GLIMPSE 15 x 11 (Watercolor) $1,200
Vicky Zhou BWS, PVW PASSING THROUGH 14 x 11 (Watercolor) $1,200

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