2014 Mid-Atlantic Top Award Winners 


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Nancy M. Stark's "Old REO" The Mid-Atlantic BWS Gold Medal
Denny Bond's "If Life Gives You Lemons" The Mid-Atlantic BWS Waterworks Silver Medal
Yachiyo Beck' s "Pomegranate in Shadows" The Mid-Atlantic BWS Bronze Medal
James Maria's "The Ascension of St Thomas" The Mid-Atlantic Cheap Joes Art Stuff Award
John C. Bierley's "Good for Parts" The Mid-Atlantic Colson Art Printing Award
Lois A. Wolford's "Cold Day in the Big Apple" The Mid-Atlantic Jack Richeson, H K Holbein, and Plaza Art Materials Award

These are the accepted artists for the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Exhibition.  

Congratulations to all!

** indicates award selection

Artist Title
Alayne Abrahams ** Pink Moon Princess
Yachiyo Beck  ** Pomegranate in Shadow
Janet Belich  ** ...But Woman's Work Is Never Done.
Linda Benton McCloskey The Way I Used To Be
John C. Bierley  ** Good For Parts
Michael A Bignell Scottish Beauty
Matthew Bird Finding Seashells
Denny Bond  ** If Life Gives You Lemons
Myhanh E.T. Bosse Lovely Bunch
Gwendolyn C. Bragg Back Street -- Nafplion
Diane Cannon New Friends
Deb Cohan Waiting
Rachel B. Collins Clarinets on Fire!
Cheryl Coniglio With a Big Brush
Deborah Conn Matriarchy
David Daniels Taking Flight
Doris Davis-Glackin Ode to Summer's End
Vera M. Dickerson Sorelle
Jacquelyn Dinora Camellias in Crystal
Jeanne Dobie A World of Wonder
Chris Dodd Cactus Flower
David Eakin Guernsey Boatman
Mary Eggers Tea Time
Z.L Feng  ** Snow Hill (Tibet)
Laura Forslund Focusing On Etude
Karen Frattali Strawberries and Cream
Terry Freemark Jockey's Repose
Jerry L. Gadd  ** Glorious Blossoms
Betty Ganley April Diva
Elizabeth W. Gibson Silver Corn
Jean K. Gill To the Point
Laurie Goldstein-Warren Shy
Sharon A. Green  ** Family Portrait
Glenda Haas Bed
Peggi Habets  ** The Audition
Jack Harding Cliff Palace 7
Mimi Hegler  ** Dirty Dishes
Patricia Herlihy Dockside - Morocco
Susan R. Herron Chelsea
Christine A. Heyse Kings Ice Cream
Elaine Hoffman Images of Myself
Brenda Hounshell Found My Marbles
Robert Jenkins Solitary
Shirley Apple Jenkins Jacob
Frank Kaifer The Old Billpostered Wall
Maria C. Kirkland Who Lives Here Now?
Michael Kotarba Afternoon Glow
Theresa Kubert Red Jacket
Marni Lawson Out of the Blue
Marilyn J Le May Patterson Reflections on a Sunset
Jan Ledbetter The Maya of Chichicastenango CXXXII
Rieneke Leenders Coming Out
Patricia Leibowitz Hagia Sophia
Larry Lombardo  ** Eternal Sunshine
James Maria  ** The Ascension of St. Thomas
Jennifer Martin The Soul Sings
Mick McAndrews  ** You Don't Say
Kathy Michels OMG
Sharon Morell I've Got My Eyes On You
Susan Avis Murphy  ** A Quiet Thanksgiving
Kate Niner High and Dry Again
Martha Petroff Vernazza Vista
Isabel Pizzolato Heavy Lifting
JoAnne Ramsey Redbeats
Michele Rea Dead End
Jeannine Romano  ** The Quilter
Kay Sandler Tikki:  Enough Said
Barbara Scheihing Second Thoughts
Carol R. Schimpff Returning II
Karen Schuster Mission Lily Pond
Linda Slattery Sherman Coral Reef
Nancy M. Stark  ** Old REO
E. Jane Stoddard  ** Coming or Going?
Susan M. Stuller Let's Get This Party Started
Katherine Sullivan  ** Handle with Care
Jane Thomas  ** Harbour Engineer
Peter B. Ulrich Communication
Daniel Vangeli A Quarter Past
Patrick Varriano  ** Scribbling Rivalry
Mick Williams The White Season
Donna Winterling  ** Morning Son
Lois A. Wolford  ** Cold Day in the Big Apple
William C. Wright Miss Hilda's
Sarah Yeoman The Visitor-Baltimore Museum Of Art
Gail B. Zinar Tornado

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James Maria's "The Ascension of St Thomas" The Mid-Atlantic Cheap Joes Art Stuff Award

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