2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition

June 9 – July 14, 2018

BlackRock Center for the Arts
12901 Town Commons Drive
Germantown, Maryland 20874

Judge of Selection and Awards: 

Kathleen Conover, AWS NWS ISEA-NF TWSA

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT All images are the property of the artists and protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist

List of selected artists/paintings for
2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition

Judy Antico,BWS

Joanna Barnum, NWS, BWS

Janet Belich, BWS

Sinikka Benson, BWS

Donna Berk Barlup, BWS

John C. Bierley, BWS

Matthew Bird,BWS

Mary V Blumberg, BWS

Denny Bond, BWS

Susan Bradley, BWS

Barbara Brower, BWS

Thomas Bucci

Elizabeth Burin, BWS

Sheila Cappelletti, BWS

Connie Clutter

Deb Cohan, BWS

Rachel B. Collins, BWS

Anne Cordes, BWS

Carolyn Councell, BWS

Giny Crawford, BWS

Brenda Cretney, PWS, NEWS, NFWS

Sally Davies, BWS

Tanya M Davis, BWS

Kathy Daywalt, BWS

Dilian Deal, BWS

David Eakin, BWS

Cheryl Elmo, BWS

Z.L. Feng

Robert Ferguson

Gloria Tseng Fischer

Jean K. Gill, AWS, NWS, BWS

Sharon A. Green, BWS, PWCS

Stephanie Gustavson, BWS

Peggi Habets, BWS

Debra Grayer Halprin, BWS

Margitta Hanff, BWS, PVW, VWS, SW

Peter Hanks

Stephen T. Hanks, BWS

Mimi Hegler, BWS

Janice Hendra

Susan Herron, BWS

Christine A. Heyse, NWS, BWS, PVW, DWS

W Jaeger, BWS

John James

Ardythe Jolliff, BWS

Mark Kaufman, BWS

Brenda Will Kidera, BWS, PVW

Michael Kotarba, BWS

Rick Kowalewski

Theresa Kubert, BWS

Jim Kuhlman, BWS

Angela Lacy, BWS

Valerie Larsen

Marta Legeckis, BWS

Patricia Leith-Tetrault, BWS

Larry Lombardo, NWS

Stacy Lund Levy, BWS

Charlotte Mehosky, BWS

Michiyo Mizuuchi, BWS

Sally Mook, BWS

Sharon Morell, BWS

Susan Moses, BWS

Susan Avis Murphy, AWS, NWS, BWS

Nancy Mysak, BWS

Karen Norman, BWS

Ann Pember, BWS

Jan Perdue

Zina Poliszuk, BWS

Julie Read, BWS

April Rimpo, BWS, PWS, IWS, LWS, WAS-H

Julia Rix

Alayne Sahar, BWS

Linda Slattery Sherman, BWS

Nancy M. Stark, AWS, NWS, BWS

E. Jane Stoddard, NWS, BWS, TWSA

Susan M. Stuller, BWS

Eileen Sudzina

Jeannine M Swartz, NWS, BWS

Jane Thomas, BWS

Annabelle Thurlow, BWS

Paul Tooley, BWS

Jeffrey Turner, BWS

Karen Ceolla Tylec, BWS

Peter B. Ulrich, NWS, BWS, PVW

Annette Uroskie, BWS

Linda Verhagen, BWS

Pam Wenger, PWS

Stewart White, BWS

Tammy Wiedenhaefer, BWS

Deanna Williford, BWS

Jane Wise

Lois A. Wolford,NWS, BWS

Bruce Woodward, BWS

William C. Wright, BWS

Sabine Yeager, BWS



Between Shots

Closer Look

Three Balloons


Hidden Kiss

Baker's Dozen

Just Beat It

Abandoned Mill

Midgley Bridge

Chesapeake Crossing

Fall Cascade II

Spring Mood

In The Clouds

First Cup

Cello Suite


Evolving Interior



The Director's Eye

Minton Cup

Take the Leap

Peach Bouquet

The Dance




End of a Work Day

Lost & Frond No. 2

Water Power

Se de Lisboa



Dinning Room Still Life

Phil and Peppa

Framed Faces

Working Stiff


Tokyo Market


Into the Rabbit Hole

Rope Bridge

Star Struck

Woman in Black Corset

Spring Fever

Afternoon Errand

Anna, a study in the power of water

Veterans Day


Sudden Down Pour

Prime Meridian

Through the Arches-Tintern Abbey, Wales

Winter's Best Friends

Hopefully Helping Haiti

Easy Afternoon

Turtle Patrol

All eyes are watching you

Turning Corners

School's Out!

Bees & Budhleia

Haystack Experience

Barnyard Scuffle

Tilghman Island Workboats

Converging Water

Out on a Limb

Between the Layers

London Cityscape

Traffic Jam at the Concert

Ant Peony II

The Two Graces

Galapagos: Water

The Salad Servers

Jersey Princess

The High Priestess

No Parking Spot

Fandango Double Tulips

Palm Birds Two

The Window

Rainy Night Near Macy's

Digging Out

Sun Kissed

Afternoon Shower over London

Beautiful Swimmer

Ocean Fingers

Pikes Market Piano Man

Vandals on the Tiber

Forward, March!

Hons Day Out

Surface Tension

Checking out the Show

Wind Swept

Zion in November

Partylights at Union Mills


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